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The Case of an Amateur Affair
by Julie Gilbart

    For many years the Temecula Valley Museum held an annual Erle Stanley Gardner Mystery Writing Contest.

    In 2009 TVHS member Julie Gilbart wrote an entry for the "Adult Mystery Writing" division and won Second Place.

    It seems timely and fun to share with fellow TVHS members her award winning entry.

Julie Gilbart

     Seated at her favorite table in the Swing Inn, Kay glanced up from her book to see the waitress standing expectantly at her table.
    “More coffee?” the girl asked, squinting at the book in Kay’s hand. “The Purloined Passport,” she read out loud. “Any good?”
     “Yes – if you love mysteries like I do,” Kay laughed. “Didn’t that author also write Fatal something-or-other?”
    “Fatal Feline. Yeah, she’s written lots of mysteries.” And I’ve read every single one of them, Kay added silently. The Clandestine Clockmaker, The Merry Mortician, The Nearsighted Nudist, to name a few. The author wrote at least one book a year, each with an alliterative title, featuring private eye Felicity Ames. One of them had even been set in Old West Temecula: The Caroling Cowboy.

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